Viscon’s skilled staff works passionately to ensure your tooling investment is designed and produced to the highest standards of accuracy, quality, and durability.

Mold Making

  • A sophisticated tool room having CAD-CAM facilities, with design engineers enabling the development of the required mold, that has close tolerance.
  • Most molds are fabricated using P20 or 4140HT tool steel for long-term durability.
  • We make molds with the advanced TEAR and TRIM technology to produce flashless rubber molded components.
  • Our experience in concept designing and manufacturing is complimented by our extensive knowledge of prototying
Viscon Rubber
Viscon Rubber

Rubber Part Prototyoping Services

  • Viscon utilizes the latest in CAD software to efficiently assist in the development of a custom molded rubber component for your application
  • Rubber prototypes and design support to high volume production for custom molded rubber products.

Quick turnaround time, concept to product

Viscon utilizes master molds and other pre-designed quick tool systems for prototyping components to reduce the lead-time for our customers.