For the last century, the auto Our Valuable Clients - motive industry has been a rapidly evolving market. There is no doubt that the years ahead will drive a transformative change. As the industry progresses, it brings along some key challenges. To better match demand and competition, and meet environmental regulations, automotive manufacturers require suppliers who match the future market demands and production plans. With a wide-ranging rubber products range for the automotive segment and extensive industrial experience, Viscon has served many leading automotive manufacturers and OEMs

Developing competitive rubber compound, and enhancing the service life of our critical rubber components, we drive the with quality products.


Applications and Viscon’s Products Range

Spark Minda

Rubber Grommet

Rubber Sealing Ring

Rubber “O” Ring

Uno Minda

Rubber Sealing Ring

Rubber Washer



Foam Rubber Sheet

Rubber Gaskets

TATA Cummins

Rubber Masking Caps

Rubber Hoses

Rubber Bush


Rubber Bumpers

Rubber Stoppers

Rubber “O” Rings

Lucas TVS

Rubber Grommets

Rubber Seals

Rubber Sleeves

Dhoot Transmissions

Rubber Cap

Rubber Grommet

Rubber Wire Seals

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